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Edificio Acqua

Edificio Acqua is a high-end residential complex in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I worked on this project while at Rafael Vinoly Architects.

The client enlisted us to build a landmark building that would embody a new lifestyle. A place to enjoy the harmony of the ocean with all the refinements of modern luxury.

We implemented this vision as an L shaped complex (evoking the notion of a large staircase) with each terrace ending with an infinity-edge Olympic-sized pool. 

The complex has 33 units, one main guest lobby with each core having a private entrance, custodial quarters, gym facilities and other amenities. 

I assisted in carrying through the design from early schematic design to final construction documentation



Brooklyn College West Quad

Positioned at the end of the West Quad of Brooklyn College this structure provides offices for student services and athletic facilities. The different programs are integrated through a double hight sunken volume  housing the athletic programs and a rectangular volume facing the quad housing the student services. 

The transparent center of the building allows for views from the quad to the athletic facilities out back. This establishes a visual connections between different parts of the campus.

In this project I was responsible for coordinating drawings, integrating consultant work into the architectural drawing set and producing construction documentation of architectural systems, details and specifications for building materials.

Zanjabee Integrative Medicine

This is an independet project in Boston, Massachusetts in which I worked with my colleague Murat Mutlu. The client hired us to design the vision for the new offices of Zanjabee integrative medicine. 

We divided the space into two areas. One public space (reception area, product exhibition wall, yoga space) the other private (consultation and massage rooms)


We designed the furniture in the reception area to be on wheels. During the day when many people were waiting for their doctor's appointment the reception desk could be pulled back to allow for more space up front. While in the evenings, the reception desk could be pulled up front, allowing for the entire room to be turned into a yoga studio. 

Different materials and colors were also used to mark a distinction between the public space verses the private area.

Private Residence

This is an independent project in Tirana, Albania. The client approached me to help combine two adjacent apartments and redesign their interiors. The residence is currently under construction.

Ninbgo Mix-use Development

The client hired our office to develop a vision for a new site in Ningbo which would be presented to the local government. 

Our site proposal used the rivers as a natural divider between residential/private quarters from public/active areas. On one side of the river we located high end villas and 33 story high-rises while on the other side in a more fluid design we located retail space, offices and a luxury hotel. 

In this project I assisted in developing the design concept  by hand sketching ideas, building 3D models and preparing documentation for client presentations

Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

Perelman center for advanced medicine is an ambulatory care and cancer center at the heart of east campus at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

The design is conceived as two interlocking

L-shaped buildings, one housing the Cancer

Institute and the other housing the Surgery and Cardiology Institutes. At the focal point of the complex is a 6-story glass atrium with elevated walkways, conference rooms and offices, providing a transparent and invigorating public
space and plaza.

I assisted in carrying through the design of the atrium and produced construction drawings for the atrium's curtain wall using Solidworks ( a sophisticated BIM software). I also went on to produce final shop drawings for the fabrication of the curtain wall units. 

Professional work while at Rafael Vinoly Architects (NYC)

Professional work while at Aedas (Shanghai)

Independent work

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